About us

this is the path that offers our future a perspective.

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Resources are finite. AS Aluminium Support GmbH keeps the raw material in the cycle.

Through the metal service we ensure the supply of our customers and with the processing of waste we offer the professional added value.

Über uns

By recycling and reprocessing aluminum, we also contribute to environmental and climate protection to conserve resources.

Philosophy and values

We keep everything together for you to meet your needs with just one contact

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We know it from days gone by – One need and multiple contacts and companies involved. This can also be done more simply. AS Aluminium Support GmbH wants to make it as easy as possible for its customers. We help with logistics and transportation, with the entire process, take care of storage and handling, processing, recycling and deliver your goods to where they are needed.
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Values we share - and stand by

We have values and a philosophy that we cultivate and live by. You can build on the following values:

otivation – We are always motivated to provide you with the best solutions.

Engagement – We don’t lack for anything, especially commitment. Our team is always there for you and will not leave you alone with your problems and needs.

Teamwork – One for all, all for one! Only with a functioning team you are powerful. You can count on that with us.

Agility – Even if your requirements change – AS Aluminium Support GmbH remains agile and adapts to your needs and processes.

Loyality – we keep our promises and see you as a partner. We represent your interests.

Le passion – We live what we love. Our team works with the passion necessary to make your projects a success.

Do you have any questions for us? We are happy to be there for you.

We offer support in the field of aluminum. Consulting, logistics, supply, storage, handling, quality control and analytics, as well as the processing of your waste.